Antique Mall Etiquette

Hello everyone...I'm an antique dealer that sells antiques, as one of many dealers, in a large antique mall. The reason for my blog is not to be unkind or critical to our valued customers, but to educate shoppers to respect the various dealers realizing that all the items in these malls, are NOT owned by the same person.

Think of an antique mall as you would think of a normal shopping mall....a large mall with many shops under the same roof. Within the antique mall, is the same thing...many different shops under one roof. I would like to respectfully request that shoppers have the consideration to not pick up pieces from one shop space and lay them down in a shop space belonging to someone else. I realize you may select a piece that you want to purchase, and if you change your mind about purchasing it, you may forget where you found it. Please, if this happens, take the piece to the front desk and ask the clerks to put the item back in the correct shop space. The clerks know the codes, and they can locate the booth and return the piece to the right shop space. This would make life so much easier for antique dealers and save the dealer from the ordeal of trying to locate missing pieces from their space. Worse yet, the dealer many times has to assume this loss because it cannot be found. All this adds to the dealers cost which in turn causes an increase in prices, because it becomes necessary, in order to make a profit and stay in business.

So could I take this opportunity to encourage everyone to help me educate shoppers of antique malls, by explaining how moving pieces from one space to another creates a real problem?   And please for anyone tempted to slip an item in their pocket....remember there are security cameras now in most shops, and the risk of being exposed or prosecuted for shop lifting is just not worth it! Thank you for reading my blog and for your help! Now let's go Antiquing!

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